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Adventure comes in all sizes and shapes and we cater any adventure tour to your physical condition. Would you like to cycle 20km through the countryside, cycle 120km from A to B or hike through thick forest for a few km or maybe even 20km? Would you like to end the trip camping or at a homestay or plunge in a pool at your hotel? It all is possible for us and we love to combine different elements to make a tour as diverse as it can be. Bespoke Laos often combines adventure tours with community based (eco) tours and sustainable wildlife aspects.

Adventure Tourism is a concept that has taken great leaps forward in Southeast Asia. The concept of Adventure tourism may mean different things to different people but the essence remains the same: get moving! Activities that relate to adventure are an excellent way to get to know the local people and indulge in local life.

To Bespoke Laos, Adventure Tourism includes the following aspects:

  • Getting away from the crowds and follow the unbeaten paths
  • Mix different types of activities such as hiking, biking, canoeing, camping, etc.
  • A mix of comfortable accommodations with homestays or campsites
  • Getting in touch with the local community and give back
  • Roughing it up a little, also at the main tourism destinations
  • Combining it with ecotourism and community based tourism
  • Challenging your physical well-being

There are many different grades of adventure tourism and at Bespoke Laos we are as well experienced in Soft Adventure as we are in True Adventure. No matter what your preference is, we can build the activity in to meet your fitness level!

Some destinations may be better developed for adventure than others, which creates that “rough it up” factor for true adventurers. Countries like Cambodia and Laos offer authentic adventures for people who really like to rough it up. In Thailand and Vietnam infrastructure is slightly better developed, offering more convenient adventures for elderly or families. However, the more developed countries can still be an incredible challenge for even the toughest adventurers!

With a very experienced Adventure crew in all countries, your trip will become literally the adventure of a lifetime. Adventure can be as comfortable as you like or as challenging as you like. Cycling or trekking with back up support by car or the motorbike is no problem. Do you like a 4* camping site or even 5* hotels? Also this we can arrange. Some people like a simple hammock in the jungle and sleep next to a waterfall or trek for multiple days through a national park and sleep with the locals. The choice is completely yours and we at Bespoke Laos gladly help you plan your adventure!

Get in touch with us and we will create you a tour that allows you to follow your dream. At Bespoke Laos we want to make dreams come true. There is no place like Indochina where you can chase that dream, and we know the places to go!



Oh wow, wo fange ich an? Vielen Dank! Das war unglaublich! Das Boot- und Kajakfahren auf dem Mekong, das Radfahren durch die Dörfer und die Gastfamilien waren alle Highlights. Auch die kleinen Aufmerksamkeiten auf dem Biobauernhof waren wirklich schöne Erlebnisse. Ich mochte die Art der Unterkunft, die Sie für mich ausgewählt haben. Es war einfach, aber komfortabel und passte definitiv zum Thema meiner Reise. Ihr habt großartige Arbeit geleistet, und Somchan, mein Führer, auch! Was für ein toller Typ! Pass auf ihn auf, er ist einer von einer Million!
- Mr. Niebaum, Hamburg, Germany -
Traveled to Laos in August 2019
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