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Bespoke Laos invites you to our own world where we live and breathe our culture every day. We like to take you on a journey where we combine the highlights of our beautiful country with off the beaten track experiences. We personally guide you around and take you to the places that make us feel at peace, all tailor made to your exact requirements. Travel carefree throughout Laos with Bespoke Laos and return home knowing that you made the most out of everything in Laos.

We create carefree holidays for you based on your exact needs and wishes and advise you the best options and visits keeping your interests in mind. We are located in Laos but continue our travel philosophy throughout the region, including Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Let Bespoke Laos be your travel partner in Southeast Asia and together we will ensure that we enrich your senses and our contribute to our environment!

The Bespoke Laos Team

Vithaya Phetxumphou


Vithaya is a passionate explorer, photographer, and adventurer who has dedicated much of his life to discovering captivating yet undiscovered destinations across Southeast Asia. Born & raised in Paksan, Laos and with a career entrenched in the tourism industry, Vithaya’s love for travel and commitment to his homeland led him to establish Bespoke Laos in March 2019.

Driven by a deep sense of purpose, Vithaya founded Bespoke Laos with a mission to enrich the tourism landscape in Laos and uplift local communities. His extensive experience and intimate knowledge of the region make him uniquely positioned to curate bespoke travel experiences that showcase the hidden gems of Laos while fostering sustainable development.

With Vithaya at the helm, Bespoke Laos stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to promoting responsible tourism and preserving the cultural and natural heritage of Laos for generations to come. Through his vision and leadership, Vithaya continues to inspire both travelers and Lao locals alike to embark on meaningful journeys that leave a positive impact on the communities they encounter.

Daniel de Gruiter

Product Development

Daniel is a seasoned hospitality professional with a remarkable journey spanning two decades across Southeast Asia. Having immersed himself in the vibrant cultures of China, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia, he has cultivated a profound understanding and appreciation for the region.

Daniel’s unwavering passion for travel and genuine connection with local communities drive him to explore Southeast Asia on his motorcycle, tirelessly seeking ways to enhance people’s lives. With a focus on sustainable tourism development, he has dedicated much of his career to fostering positive impacts on both the environment and local livelihoods.

A sought-after speaker at sustainable tourism conferences and seminars, Daniel shares his wealth of knowledge and experience to inspire others to embrace responsible travel practices. Joining Bespoke Laos is not just a career move for Daniel; it’s a testament to his deep-rooted affection for Southeast Asia and his commitment to personalized travel experiences with a meaningful cause at their core.

Phetsaphone Phommavongsa (Koung)

Chief Travel Designer

Koung’s role as Bespoke Laos’ Chief Travel Designer is central to the creation of bespoke and exceptional travel experiences for our special clients. Koung meticulously crafts custom itineraries from scratch, ensuring that each detail is tailored precisely to meet the unique preferences, interests, and requests of the clients.

She embodies the company’s commitment to excellence, curating trips that reflect the beauty, culture, and spirit of Laos while providing unparalleled levels of customization and personalization. Through Koung’s dedication and attention to detail, Bespoke Laos establishes itself as a premier provider of unique and unforgettable travel experiences!

Khamsanga Solithmee (Ong)

Reservations & Operations

Ong is the Reservations & Operations Officer at Bespoke Laos.  He handles various tasks related to managing reservations, coordinating operations, and ensuring smooth customer experiences for our clients. It’s a role that requires attention to detail, excellent organizational skills, and a knack for customer service; that’s why he’s a perfect fit within our company.

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