Family Travel

Traveling with a family can be very intense. The more you can give out of hands, the more time you have to enjoy the destination! Bespoke Laos is here for you when you travel with your family. Young kids, older kids, or grandma and grandpa joining? Just let us know who you travel with and what the travel pace is that you would like to follow and we will create a suitable tour for you. 

We get you connected with suitable hotels and restaurants, make sure we chose the right guide and type of vehicle and of course work out a wide range of fun activities and visits to make sure the entire family enjoys the tour.

An abundance of facilities for families with children of all ages have sprung up throughout the region in the past few years. As more places have become more conveniently accessible and are better connected, families also travel deeper into a destination. Traveling off the beaten tracks is not off limits anymore!



Although this trip doesn’t have a happy ending, we want to share our experience with you. Our family traveled in February 2020 to Laos and Cambodia with Bespoke Travel. We had an amazing time in the south of Laos and crossed the border to Cambodia where we enjoyed kayaking and a visit to see the dolphins. When we woke up the next day we were told we had to be evacuated as the Corona virus had reached Cambodia and the borders closed. You can imagine how scared we were with the children. Mr. Panha in Cambodia communicated excellent with us and found a flight back two days later. He made sure we arrived in Phnom Penh and stayed at a hotel before we could fly back to Holland. Bespoke Laos really worked hard to make sure we were safe and comfortable. They even called us in the plane just before departure to make sure we were safe and ready to leave.
– Familie Grimbergen, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands –
Traveled to Laos and Cambodia in February 2020
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