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Bespoke Laos also organizes from time to time special events. Do you love observing birds? Do you really get your kicks from colonial buildings? Does photography make your heart beats faster? Are you into yoga and want to pray with the monks? Or do you dream of spotting as much wildlife as possible?

Bespoke Laos is a specialist creating special tour packages for particular groups and incentives. As travel experts, we understand as well as you the importance of traveling as part of a reward. We offer reward trips to our own team as well. As a respected travel agent, we are actively engaged in the development of facilities for incentive travel in the region.

Just a short overview of what activities and Specialized Interest Tours Bespoke Laos has organized so far:

  • We created a vintage car challenge and jeep tours through Laos
  • We created group meditation sessions that included meetings with local monks
  • We designed a specialized bird watching tour in Northern Cambodia
  • We organized a professional photography tour through Laos and Cambodia
  • We organized for university students a tour with lectures through Thailand

Every once in a while we organize events which you can take part of, or you give us a heads up and let us organize any type of special event you need. Are you thinking of a one day fair or a multiple day event that includes corporate retreats? Bespoke Laos can make it happen!

The possibilities for Special Interest Travel are endless in our region. In the big cities we can couple all kinds of activities with the existing entertainment, religious and historical highlights. However, also in the quaint areas we can create equally interesting experiences with attention to detail that is unrivaled. Bespoke Laos will ensure the best value for money programs and search for the best available accommodation suitable to the trip. Our team shares a great deal of expertise and has worked all over the region. Together with a group of specialists we have created extraordinary memories. Bespoke Laos is proud to have some of the most creative brains in the office to make a special interest trip a long-lasting memory!

Bespoke Laos ventures much further and creates exceptional activities on islands, in jungles or even at people’s homes. Over the years we have invested a great deal in researching the possibilities and hosted a number of interesting groups from all over the world.

Most importantly, when organizing such a tour, Bespoke Laos always thinks about the positive impact we can make on the local economy. It is important to us, to you as our guest and to the community that money is spent wisely. As part of our own CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitment, we want to make sure every dollar spend is well spend and is rewarded in its own way. Invest in the community and enjoy half a day to install water filters in the community for example. You can also aim larger and donate a new community center to a poor village or a classroom to a local school. And instead of only donating it, be part of the realization as well! It all costs much less than you may think.

The benefits could also be greater than you can imagine for both the host and you as our guest.



We joined the Road to Hanoi 2024 classic car rally that Bespoke Laos organized and did not really had an idea of what to expect. But when we read the program we knew it was put together by people who really new about their country. The rally was well organized with good instructions and plenty of people along the way to help us out. The hotels all met the colonial atmosphere as well, which we thought was a really nice touch. The surprise was however the food! Even the food was served in a vintage way with rattan picnic baskets and a nice cloth to sit on. We are people who really look at details and we could not find a flaw. We are already on the list for the next rally.

– Nicolas and Christian Webb, London, UK –
Traveled to Laos in January 2024
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