Community Commitment

Bespoke Laos believes in its commitment to the community and our guests equally. Sustainable and responsible tourism stands high on our list and should be beneficial for guest and host.

Responsible tourism vow to our guests

As a local operator, it is our responsibility to show people our destinations in the most authentic, comfortable, and exciting way possible. Our vow to our guests is that we offer you the best value for money while on tour with us. We want you to see the highlights in an authentic and comfortable way. A holiday experience should be imprinted into your memory for years. It is important that you know you have contributed to the well-being of the local host. To Bespoke Laos it means that you have to see it to believe it. That is the reason why we always look to include an activity or visit that shows this benefit. From a simple introduction tour to a multiple day trekking trip, your visit to one of our destinations will not go unnoticed by our communities!

Responsible tourism vow to the host

As part of our vow to the local people of Southeast Asia we refrain from showing people “staged authenticity”, which is a concept that we believe is hurtful to local cultures. It actually stands for the exact opposite of responsible tourism. Bespoke Laos wants to refrain from bringing people to places where people or animals may be hurt or abused. Visiting an orphanage seems unthinkable for us, unless of course benefits are sustainable for the host. You would be surprised to know how many organizations exploit children to earn money to enrich themselves. Naturally, we do not want to take any part in that and condemn such visits strongly.

Another good example of our commitment is that we only book restaurants and hotels that properly care for their staff. It is all part of a vow that Bespoke Laos made to promote responsible tourism to our guests and the hosts. It is all part of improving the standards for the people we work with and respect the culture that we appreciate.

Responsible Tourism vow to the region

The management of Bespoke Laos has been very active over the past decade to help develop responsible tourism. Especially Community Based Eco Tourism and adventure tourism have emerged in the region. We have trained communities and consulted to governments to set up projects for local communities to become independent.

The Bespoke Laos product

People tend to forget the complexity of the service that makes up “sustainable tourism”. Sustainable and/or responsible tourism is an intangible product that has been compiled out of many individuals and organizations. Airlines, drivers, guides, ministries, hotels, restaurants, immigration, etc. all need to be streamlined in order to deliver the service as best as possible to you, our guests. Therefore we keep training our suppliers about the trends in tourism.

We share your feedback with our partners so they can learn about improvements. We update them about new products and destinations so they can educate themselves by doing research. Bespoke Laos supports its suppliers and has fair contracts with each and one of them. This is done to ensure everyone who works with us is happy under the terms and conditions we have set.

Unlike other travel companies, Bespoke Laos’ priority is not only with our guests, but also with the host. As a travel expert we have the responsibility to offer our guests a good and safe time. This is where Bespoke Laos greatly differentiates itself from other operators. However, we also vow that the people who make it all possible receive the respect they deserve. Sharing the benefits of tourism with the local people is part of sustainable and/or responsible tourism.

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